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Religious non-profit organization 508(c)(1)(a) Florida

Jesus cross glowing - by Don Karl Juravin

We are a priory of Sacred Medical Order Church Of Hope. We aim to heal and better our members’ lives through education, monastic medicine and the word of God. We rely on all wisdoms: the Bible, our 1,600 years of healing and the latest proven remedies.

Our History of Healing

Our 1,600 Years of Sacred Heritage & History

Holy Land Ministry is a priory of The Sacred Medical Order family of Churches that date back to Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem hospital from the 5th century. We all share a belief in the doctrine that natural remedy is designed by God and is, therefore, best for our body, soul, and spirit since the beginning. 

We share the basic belief in Christ’s help for people in a monastic medicine which basically relies on natural remedies and the balance between body, mind and soul.


Natural Self Healing

We believe in monastic medicine known as today’s nature cure. We believe that the body can cure itself once it’s in balance. Natural healing and the primary objective of alternative medicine is to assist people in restoring their own health.

We aim to effectively treat all forms of chronic diseases when we restore health instead of treating disease.

We invoke protections for our members through our Church, Religion, Culture, traditional medicines and foods, and members in general under international laws, protection of human rights, and preservation of cultural heritage.


Monastic medicine

A mixture of existing ideas from antiquity, spiritual influences and what Claude Lévi-Strauss identifies as the “shamanistic complex” and “social consensus.”

Known today as “alternative medicine”. Our members trust God’s medicines and Christ’s gospel to help and heal. They resort to drugs or traditional medicine when natural medicine can’t  fix today’s pollutions and poisonous foods.


Our Doctrine

Our Bible

We rely on the 66 books (39 of the Old Testament and 27 of the New Testament) of King James. Soon we will introduce a version of the Bible in an easy to read and search way.

Holy Bible (King James)>>

Women vs. Men

We don’t believe that women need any special preference such as “equal rights” or “protection” since we view men and women as different in their bodies and mind but otherwise equal. If any, we believe that women are a smarter creation of God while men were created, and still are, more on the savage side. Therefore, our expectation for the wisdom of life will be higher from women than from men, in general.

Genesis in Hebrew best describes it when God created the woman to be “support against him” עֵזֶר, כְּנֶגְדּוֹ

We attached interesting highlights from the Bible related to women which some are open for debate:


Our Mother Church & Health Sovereignty

Holy Land Ministry is a priory of Sacred Medical Order Church Of Hope linked to churches, Orders, and Hospitallers with 1,600 years of heritage & history using natural medicine.


Ecclesiastical Government

The Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope, of which Holy Land Ministry is an auxiliary, dictates the hierarchy in the family of churches.


Practicing Our Faith

Prayers & gathering

Though our family of Churches is 400 years old, Holy Land Ministry is as technologically advanced as it gets. While our ancestors used a building to gather and pray, we spread the word of God and our Church on the web for worldwide Service and reach.

Our gathering is as God intended it to be, on the Sabbath (but also on Sunday) but members can enjoy watching the Services repeatedly on our site.


Our mission

Our Church’s heritage is HEALING & WISDOM to better our lives. Holy Land Ministry will use the most modern technology to HEAL & BETTER LIVES of our members and thereby further advance upon our Sacred Medicine Order


  1. TO HEAL people by helping them to restore their own health based on God’s given balanced body and immune system. We conquer a disease by restoring their health.
  2. TO EDUCATE (relationships, raising kids, obesity, Etc.) for a better life using Biblical wisdom combined with latest psychology and technology.
  3. TO PROTECT from false information so we can make healthy decisions instead of wasting time and lives chasing disease.  We filter all information and provide you what we believe it the best based on God’s word, natural healing and best science.
  4. TO DEBATE passionately like our Biblical ancestors to evoke emotion and caring and let each debater make their own mind.
  5. TO TEACH that the love of God, his son and prophets is not confined to one way of life so you don’t have to feel a sinner because of a wrong Biblical interpretation.


Valuable life changing education

Our members are determined to maximize their God-given lives.

To receive our valuable Education, we expect members to pay a nominal monthly fee* to sustain our efforts of the Church. We aim to provide our members with 10 folds the value of the fee.

*Reduced fees to members in financial need


Mind & faith alone can heal and cure

Modern medicine actually proves our 1,600 years of monastic medicine:

  • The body holds within it innate self repair mechanisms as scientifically proven by the “placebo effect” which is not just in the mind, but real physiological changes occur
  • Faith strengthens our belief when surrounded by “good” and “positive energy”. When the mind is convinced something bad will happen, it often does (nocebo effect).
  • You need a tender, nurturing healer/health provider to help your mind and body use its self repair mechanisms for positive effects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Church Members

Limited Membership acceptance

Our church has a unique doctrine and you should fully understnd it before joining. Unlike trational church who are welcoming everyone with no questions asked, Holy Land Ministry prefers to invest its limited resources in those that share the s therefore aonly only individuals who accept our membership terms of the highest standard.


We want to HEAL & BETTER OUR MEMBERS’ LIVES: to be healthier, happier, determined, peaceful, SUCCESSFUL & SPIRITUAL by relying on GOD’s wisdom.

We offer many services at no charge and some paid services to sustain the Church’s existence. We believe:

  1. No charge for praying with our Holy Land born Minister who often carries prayers in the Bible’s original language, Hebrew.
  2. Our extra educational services should be very practical and benefit you immediately and for life.
  3. Members should be getting 10 folds of benefits for their paying services.
  4. To better serve our members, we are limiting acceptance by invitation

Board of Directors